International Marriage Bureau for Gays & Lesbians

International Arranged Marriage Bureau for Gays and Lesbians

Experience a revolutionary arranged marriage system designed exclusively for gay men and women. We are the leading progressive personal matchmaking service, with a unique focus on same sex matches that result in marriage.  All the work is done by your very-own matchmakers with whom you have direct contact with throughout the entire process.

This is a very unique and specialized service for International same sex individuals to introduce ā€œArranged Marriageā€


Our counsellors

Urvi Shah



  • I was using a lot of dating sites for many years and I could only meet people who were seeking for casual sex or a relationship where they can be financially dependent on someone. One of my friends was a registered member of AGM and asked me to enrol too. As I was desperate to have a life partner and tried all other ways of doing it, I called up the CEO, understood the process and got registered. I found my soul mate in 10 months and I will never forget two angels of my life: My friend who introduced me to AGM and the team of AGM for their constant support

    - Purvish Ahuja
  • I will always recommend this agency because you can rely on them. They provided us lawyers, counsellors, and more than that, the CEO of the company, Urvi Shah was always in touch. We could call her at midnight knowing that she is going to pick up the call and will help us no matter what. AGM is a platform where anyone can find a like-minded person.

    - Vishal Asnigar
  • I was worried while getting registered though because websites cannot be trusted easily. More than that, I was worried about sharing my documents with the company because I never wanted my identity to come out in public. On one side, it was my fear of exposing my sexuality and on the other side; it was the hope of happiness that I always waited for. Thank god, I trusted them and took a huge step of my life. I have a life partner and we are happily in live-in-relationship for many months.

    - Maitree Basu
  • We know about this site through word of mouth and advertisement in Social Media, this site helped us in narrowing down the choice and helping us choose the right partner. Thank you

    - John Smith
  • Profiles got exchanged, interests matched, feelings were expressed and we stepped into an eternal bonding of happiness & bliss. Kudos IAGM for bringing longing souls together.

    - C. Steven